Cemetery Rules

Arthur Township Cemetery

Cemetery hours are sunrise to sunset

  • Winter decorations must be removed by April 1 each year
  • Summer decorations must be removed by October 1 each year
  • Arthur Township sexton shall remove flowers, wreaths, blankest, etc., after spring and fall clean-ups
  • Spring clean-up will be April 1 thru May 15 each year
  • Fall clean-up will be October 1 thru October 31 each year
  • Items placed in cemetery shall be in line with existing row of headstones as not to hamper with mowing duties
  • Arthur Township shall not be liable for loss of breakage of floral pieces, blankets, pots, and frames in which such floral pieces are attached or contained beyond the day of burial
  • No enclosures shall be permitted around pot surfaces other than sod
  • Foundations shall be installed by Arthur Township sexton or by a pre-approved monument company
  • When driving in cemetery stay on designated driveways

A copy of the Arthur Township Ordinance can be obtained from the Arthur Township Clerk

The rates are in effect as of October 1, 2019
$400 per lot (2 burial sites) for residents and Taxpayers of Arthur Township.
$600 per lot (2 burial sites) for former residents of Arthur Township
$50 per transfer of a plot from an original purchaser to a qualified assignee.

Summer: April 1 to November 30, grave opening/closing:
Vault $500, Cremains with vault $250, Cremains $150, Baby Casket $200

Winter: December 1 to March 31 grave opening/closing:
Vault$750, Cremains with vault $350, Cremains $250, Baby Casket $300

Burials on weekends or holidays will be $100 additional charge

Foundations to be a minimum of 2 inches larger on all four sides than the dimensions of the headstone. Full payment of $0.30 per inch is expected at the time of the foundation request.

Contact Jeffrey Smith (989) 339-6726, the Arthur Township Sexton, to view the available plots or to arrange for a burial. Contact the Township Clerk purchase a plot.